I'm Ashley- my friends call me Splash. I am originally From the Washington D.C. area but now reside in beautiful Los Angeles, California.  I have 5 brothers who I am obsessed with, and I am a triplet. 

I am a freelance photographer and web designer, so please check out my portfolio. If you are interested in seeing some of the other websites I have created, feel free to contact me! 


I'm always doing tons of creative things and love to laugh and make other people laugh so you can also find my personal blog on this site.

There you can read about all things Splash.. all my baking, cooking, painting, traveling.. well basically all the things that I do, and I do all of the things.


Good vibes, Clean sheets, Laughter is the best medicine, and rain is actually ugly IRL.



Bye Felicia
— Ice Cube; Friday