March 5, 2013

Train of thought

Please tell me you do this too. 

While reading the headlines on the BBC News homepage, I see that a Giant camel fossil found in Arctic. I've never heard of a giant camel, so naturally I have to learn all about it. Right now.

Illustration of Ellesmere camel

So then I am reading about these giant camels, and how they are basically just bigger versions of today's camels but with shaggy warm coats. 

And then I read this....

45 million years? That's a lot of years. Has the Earth even been around that long? Have camels really been around that long? 

Are those monkeys? Have monkeys been around that long?

This actually went on for a really long time after this (and yes, this is way after the dinosaurs. Apparently I have no recollection of learning these things in high school science), but I'll spare you the rest of the rabbit hole journey of the internet.

And this is why things stay on my to do list.

1 comment:

  1. haha I ALWAYS fall down the rabbit hole when online! I went from a story about the sequester to a updates on DC's upcoming snow storm to a map of the DC metro area to websites for B&Bs in the Blue Ridge Mountains. ALWAYS.