February 18, 2013

Monday morning Ashley-isms

Welcome to Monday, lovelies. Settle in for some 'too short for a post of their own but still so typical of my life I have to share them' Ashley-isms. But if you've seen me in person in the last 2 weeks I'm sure you knew all of this already, mostly because once I start talking I have a hard time shutting up.

1. Our washing machine is broken. It broke before we left town at the end of January and still isn't working. It gets just far enough in the cycle to give me hope that it has been revived by the appliance gods, but then it dies. Because I apparently ticked off the washing machine gods, I have become a regular at the oh-so-photogenic laundromat on the Hill. The washers are huge so it doesn't take forever, but still, it's a laundromat. When we bought our house we bought a home warranty at the same time that is designed to help with things like this. This has actually turned out to be more of a pain in the a then a help, but whatever. Last Friday morning I stayed home to wait for the repair guy. (this is actually Repair Guy #2. Guy #1 never showed up and then LIED and said he came by the house and knocked on the door and no one was home. Whatever. I'm done with you, Sears. We are still waiting to see if they are going to repair the washer or replace it (it's 12 years old). Ugh.

2. I fully embrace my English roots, but I right now I am too pale. I am starting to look sickly. Spring can show up any day now.

3. Taylor Swift and Adele are the same age. Let that sink in.

4. Right after we moved into our new house I slipped down the stairs because I am genius and wear socks on hardwood floors. Ouch. I could wiggle all my fingers and toes so I figured it was nothing to worry about and moved on. Wrong! I apparently knocked my SI joint out of whack and 4 weeks after the slip heard round the block I finally made it to the doctor. At least at this point, we don't think anything is broken/or that I have a ruptured disk.I start 4 weeks of physical therapy today. My doctor put the kibosh on my half marathon in March, but hopefully I can get clearance to do something. I am ready to be back at Biker Barre!

5. I keep telling myself I don't need it, but all I can think about is that I need a bright pink Longchamp with my monogram on the side.

6. Last Friday I made an impromptu and impassioned speech to the General Manager at Chop't about my dissatisfaction with their discontinuing my favorite salad dressing (simple lemon vinaigrette, of course). He seemed confused, but gave me a card for a free salad (without my favorite dressing but whatev). I'll take it.

7. I posted a video on Vine, mostly because our new stove freaks me out. I don't think I am cool enough to 'get' Vine.

8. I'm the only person that doesn't watch Downton Abbey. I KNOW. I'll get to it.

9. Now that you've thought about it for a while, can we talk about #3?

10. I just learned that the past tense of smite is smote. I really would have guessed it was smitted. I also spent most of my life thinking that the past tense of scream was scrame (rhymes with game). It's not.


  1. sorry, I can't comment on 1, 2, 4-8, or 10 because I'm still stuck on 3/9. WTF.

    1. It's shocking, isn't it? I don't know what to think.

  2. All I think about #3 is that if I had to choose which one I was, I would pick Taylor.

  3. I don't either - #8. I know that it is free On Demand, so maybe the many late night feedings I will get to it...

  4. Yes! Finally someone who is on board with my T.Swuft and Adele are the same age confusion!!