January 7, 2013

Back to December

Yes that was a Taylor Swift reference. Deal with it.

Umm,  I miss you people. December was kind of a blur of a month, but we are back in the game. Before we rock and roll into the new year, here's a super quick review of December.

12/08 - My 27th birthday. Oh man. Where did 27 come from? I feel like 17 was yesterday. Parks surprised me with a reservation at Bistro Bis. I had scallops (as I almost always do if they are on the menu) and Parks had lamb. Really really delicious - I highly recommend.

12/10 - A Toyota rear-ended me on my way to work. Lame. His car was totaled, and mine was pretty roughed up. Parks met me at the ER and 4 hours later I was sent home. I hit my head and my knee hit the steering column pretty hard. My seat belt locked my ass in place, so I had some pretty awesome bruising from that. Thankfully no broken bones, but pretty bad whiplash and a mild concussion. I had to wear a neck brace while we were waiting for the x-rays to come back and much to everyone's disappointment, I didn't let Parks take a picture.  I was really sore for a few days, but lots of Advil and plenty of time with a heating pad helped. But let's be real, I couldn't move my neck for like 3 days and I looked a little like Frankenstein.

12/12 - While I am sitting on my sofa, with a heating pad on my back and neck, I get the bright idea to register for a half marathon. I have no f*cking little clue what possessed me to do this, but on March 16th, my 4th wedding anniversary, I will be trying not to die in the Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Let me be clear, I am not going to win this. I am probably going to hate it. My only goal is to not die. (Depending on how training progresses I may change my goal to something slightly more lofty, like only consider stopping every 30 seconds).

12/18 -  WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! For real this time! Everyone was alive and we have the keys! It's perfect and so so charming. I'll do a post or 12 alllll about it soon :) And on the way to buy a house we found out our car was totaled. Awwwwesome. RIP Ruthie. You were a great car.

12/22 - We bought a car! The same week we bought a house! (OMG) After test driving every car in Northern Virginia we settled on a 2013 VW Jetta. It's wonderful and has heated seats. The end.

12/31 - Saw Les Miserables. And I haven't quit singing since. Be glad you don't live with me.

So that's where I've been. What have you been up to, lovelies?


  1. i have to see le mis! it looks fantastic. it sounds like you had a very eventful december. best of luck for this next year!

    1. Thanks, Rachael! You must see Les Mis. It was fantastic!

  2. Congrats on the house - can't wait to hear about how you decorate it!

    1. Thank you!! We are thrilled and can't wait to move in!